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Global Cravings

Steeped in tradition dating right back to the 1800s, the classic pairing of Fish and Chips has grown to be an iconic British dish, but does the world share the same love for our culinary creation? Today, we dive into a journey to unravel the global presence of Fish and Chips, discovering the surprising corners of the world where the fish has found place on plates and hearts. Is Fish and Chips a global craving?

Australia - Down under, the love for fish and chips is just as strong as the link to British grub. Especially in the coastal areas Aussies enjoy their Fish and Chips against a backdrop of stunning sea views. The battered fish and perfectly fried chips take on an Aussie twist, making it a go-to dish that combines a bit of British charm with a down-under vibe.

New Zealand - Across the Tasman sea, New Zealanders also have a soft spot for Fish and Chips The dish has become a reliable choice for locals looking for hearty and familiar feed.

Canada - From Atlantic to Pacific, Canadas love for Fish and Chips mirrors its vast coastline. Coastline provinces, in particular, take advantage of the rich variety of seafood, giving the dish a unique Canadian twist. Local variations showcase the diverse marine life found in Canadian waters.

South Africa - In South Africa, Fish and Chips are a hit in various Coastal spots, where you might find different types of Fish on the menu. The dish has become a go-to comfort food, enjoyed with beautiful sea views and vibrant local communities.

USA - Although not as ingrained as in the UK, Fish and Chips have made their mark in the United States. Especially in costal areas and big cities, Americans enjoy the combination of tender Fish and crispy fries, sometimes with a bit of cultural mixing on the side.

India - In coastal areas and cities across India, Fish and Chips have become a tasty fusion dish. With added local spices and a touch of creativity, the Indian version brings a burst of flavour to the classic British meal. offering a cross-cultural taste experience.

Malta - Right in the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta has taken to Fish and Chips as a popular fast-food choice. With a nod to British culinary traditions, the Maltese verison brings together local and international flavours for a unique and tasty experience.

Singapore - Amidst the vibrant food scene in Singapore, Fish and Chips have found a comfy spot on menus. Often given a local twist and a bit of creative flair, this dish is enjoyed by both locals and visitors, showcasing Singapore's love for culinary innovation.

Photo of Fish and chips with flags of all around the world above it

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