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About Us

The Frying Squad 

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The Beginning

From our top frying skills to our sustainably sourced fish, there's a massive number of reasons why we have become one of the best Fish and chip shops in Bangor. We have been frying the best seafood Northern Ireland offers since February 2003 when Michael Neil acquired his first Fish and Chip shop in Newtownards, County Down. 

The rest is history: since those early days, we have expanded the business, with four eateries spread across The Frying Squad in Bangor and The Salt House, which can be found at separate locations on Rathmore Road and Gransha Road, Bangor. 

Local Produce and Sustainable Fishing

Welcome to our Fish and Chip Shop website! Across nearly two decades in business, we’re proud to have become one of the best chippys in Bangor. Whilst some of that is down to our hard work and determination, it’s also down to the fact that we prioritise local produce and sustainably-sourced fish at every available opportunity. We understand that the very best seafood in Northern Ireland is sourced ethically and sustainably, and to this end we have taken several measures to protect Ireland’s fish stocks.

Choosing us as your favourite Bangor fish and chip shop lets you eat with the confidence that you’ve made the right choice for protecting the planet and its environment. All elements of our packaging are totally biodegradable and compostable, whilst all of our fish is located from a sustainable, environmentally-friendly source. We’re also passionate about preventing waste. That’s why every drop of our waste oil is accounted for by our own suppliers and is currently used for biodiesel.

Our commitment to protecting the environment and sustainable fishing doesn’t stop there, however. At every available opportunity we reduce our ‘food miles’, opting for local suppliers whenever possible. We also use L.E.D. lighting in all of our stores, significantly reducing our carbon footprint, whilst strictly monitoring our usage of electricity, gas and water. Whether you are dining out of The Frying Squad or The Salt House, you can rest assured that your food is being prepared according to the highest standards of hygiene, using locally sourced produce, sustainably sourced fish and a passion for creating delicious and nutritionally rich food. We understand that in today’s unprecedented times, home comforts, including home-cooked meals are all the more important.

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Protecting fish stocks

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All our packaging is biodegradable and compostable 

We source all our fish from a sustainable source 

All our waste oil is accounted for and uplifted by our supplier and used for bio-diesel 

We try to reduce our "food miles" by only using local suppliers where possible 

We have installed L.E.D lighting in all of our shops now to reduce our carbon footprint. 

We also strictly monitor not only our electricity use but our gas, and water too, again helping to reduce our carbon footprint where possible. 

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