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From Sea Shanty to Crispy Delight: Unwrapping the History of Fish and Chips

Updated: Sep 6

1863 - Jewish immigrant, Joseph Malin, opened the first recorded combined Fish and Chip shop in bow, East London. Mr Lees pioneered the concept in the North of England in Mossley. This started the infamous History of Fish and Chips.

1939-1945 - During the second World War, Fish and Chips, a staple of the working class, remained one of the few foods in the UK not subject to rationing. Prime minister, Winston Churchill, referred to the combination of Fish and Chips as "The Good Companions."

1980s - Portions were often wrapped in old newspaper to keep prices down, this practice survived as late as the 1980s, when it was ruled unsafe for food to come into contact with newspaper ink without greaseproof paper in between.

A timeline of the history of Fish and Chips, dating back to the 1800s

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