why choose us?

The Frying Squad started out as one delightful chippy, before opening up more bustling shops across locations from Belfast to Bangor, Northern Ireland. Our customers choose us for many reasons, and not all of those reasons are down to our good looks! We are proud to use locally sourced and sustainable fish across all of our chippys, with our award-winning menu offering a range of vegetarian and traditional fish & chip shop options. Don’t just listen to what we say – look at some of the reasons why chip-lovers choose us.

Whether you are visiting The Frying Squad or The Salt House, you can rest assured that you are choosing chippies that are passionate about local produce and sustainable fishing. Following this ethos has helped us on our way to offering award-winning fish and chips: it’s what we do.

Cod is followed by haddock, whiting, huss and plaice. Most of the cod we eat is NOT from the North Sea – in fact only a third of fish and chip shops use locally landed fish. A number shops are also becoming more adventurous and selling more unusual fish suppers using huss, dover sole, hoki and pollock.